What We Do

Online video catalog where your showcase can shine

We take your information, organize it in a clean and easy to navigate manner, and give it a landing page for easy online access. Your new online video catalog can then be sent to potential buyers, interested parties and linked wherever necessary to reach the right audience, right now. 

No matter how many lots, items or animals you have to showcase, we offer a clean and easy way to list them online, without the restrictions, advertisements and clutter of other digital listing sites.

Replaces a Website

Playlist Viewer can serve as your own website to showcase your livestock or other items. No need to build an expensive website.

No Clutter

We give you the ability to showcase your playlist without the added clutter of other platforms where your competitors sale animals unfortunately show up in the same place.

Effortless Updates

Easily updated as your showcase changes.

Advertise Anything

You can advertise anything you wish or even promote your family operation with an online landing page.

Share with Ease

Once your online catalog or listing is made, the link can be sent to as many people as you wish via text or email.


Rancher and farmer approved.

different service options



  • $35 Package: Filming, editing, online playlist creation & hosting for one year. (Extended hosting available for a yearly fee $100 per playlist)
  • $20 Videography: Filming of your livestock/items.
  • $20 Editing & Hosting: Edit of your film & creation of playlist. 
  • $10 Hosting Only: Creation of a playlist from your provided media.



Two Options:
  • Base cost is $3 per lot.  
  • Upload your unique Playlist of livestock, dogs, machinery or anything your want to showcase.
  • Very user friendly platform.
  • Includes Google Analytics.
  • Unlimited startup assists.
  • 1 login, with unlimited users at one time
  • Real time updates. 


  • Experience with both horse and cattle videography.
  • Drone videography and photography.
  • Can make videos that combine still pictures, ground video and drone.
  • Full service editing of any length.
  • Contact for pricing.



Ready to showcase with an online video catalog? Let us help.

We are here and ready to start working on your next showcase.