Have questions? Here are some answers.

Yes there is a volume discount for multiple items.  We can customize pricing to fit your needs in an affordable, convenient way.

We are a couple small town girls who grew up with Ranching backgrounds, valuing hard work.  You will communicate with Shellee or Vanessa directly  – no middle man! We value honesty and the good ole fashion hand shake agreements. 

Yes, you can provide your own videos and item information. Playlist Viewer is compatible with YouTube, Vimeo & AWS. We will set you up with your own account & you will upload your movies & pedigree/information pictures to our database. Your playlists will have a “link” that can be added to a webpage, Facebook etc.  Playlist Viewer is easily shared & linked throughout media applications. 

We provide full service film, edit and upload of all information related to your items if needed.

Ready to showcase with an online video catalog? Let us help.

We are here and ready to start working on your next showcase.